BitShares Witness Proposal - cyrano

My name is Peter Conrad, and I propose to run a BitShares witness.

Previous experience

I have followed the BitShares project since the early days of ProtoShares, back in November 2013. Since March 2015 I've been elected as a worker delegate in in the old (pre-2.0) BitShares blockchain. See my old proposal and some details on my technical background.

I have participated as a witness in the beta runs of the Graphene network. My witness node was up and producing blocks in BitShares-2.0 a few hours after launch. This directly proves my first-hand experience in running a witness. During the first two weeks of BitShares-2.0 my witness has signed more than 13,000 blocks, missing only 46* - more than 99.5% reliability.

Technical details

The witness node is running on a dedicated server in eastern Germany. The machine has 16G RAM and a mostly idle CPU - there's plenty of room for higher TX loads. The data center has high-speed fiber-optic links to interconnection points all over europe, resulting in an average latency of 300ms to my 30 (as of 2015-10-27) co-witnesses.

Price feed updates are posted from a separate node in a different hosting environment. They happen in irregular intervals several times per day, because predictable updates are a vulnerability in my opinion.

Please vote!

If you find that convincing, please vote for witness cyrano!

Event Log

In this section I list notable events that happened to my witness node.

2017-02-10 Voted out Thanks to everyone who voted for me!
2016-05-28 Stopped publishing pricefeeds I do not participate in a scam
2016-03-21 Switched to 2.0.160316b
2016-02-23 Switched to 2.0.160216
2016-01-28 Missed ~600 blocks after the whole blockchain got stuck again Upgraded to 2.0.160128
2016-01-04 Missed ~650 blocks after the whole blockchain got stuck Upgraded to 2.0.160103
2015-12-16 Upgraded to 2.0.151215
2015-12-14 Missed 16 blocks over the day Hosting provider admits to "packet loss on DECIX routes"
2015-12-12 Missed ~150 blocks after both main and backup node got stuck Github issue #478
2015-12-11 Upgraded to 2.0.151209
2015-12-10 Missed ~200 blocks after node got stuck
2015-12-06 Missed 31 blocks in the small hours 2015-12-08: Contacted hoster about these "small hours" events
2015-12-05 Voted back in
2015-12-04 Voted out by BM See forum thread
2015-11-30 Missed 15 blocks in the small hours
2015-11-05 Missed ~350 blocks due to power failure at hosting provider The node went down at about 08:30 am, shortly after I arrived at my day job. With no access to servers, I had to wait until I got back home in the evening before I could restart the node.
Measure taken: the node will now be started automatically when the system boots.
2015-11-01 Missed 11 blocks in the small hours

Impressum / Imprint